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We often hear about auto-click software with which the computer can work itself? or it’s a thing with which to do the same thing repeatedly. Auto clicker software can also play games by itself or it can be do typing or memory readings.

So what is the talk of auto Clik software? Or what is the use of it? That is, where is it using it? We will discuss these things on this topic.

What is auto clicker software?

Auto software or Macro is a software program that allows us to keep a reco-rd of all kinds of movement left click and right left of the computer.
After saving all these recorded events, we can save our time and hard work. While playing games or editing we can use those auto clicking file.-

How many types of Auto Clicker software available in the market?

Ans:There are two types of auto-clicker software, Simple to More Complex.

What is Simple Auto Clicking software and What it does?

Ans:Through simple Auto Clock, we usually use a gaming or something to recreate it, it does not require many configurations or more knowledge is needed. Generally, we use this kind of auto Clicking software on our computer

What is complex Auto Clicker software?

Ans:More complex auto clickes are generally used to work in deeper languages, such as record to memory keyboard press keys and more. Through this application, we can set up time durations, ie how much time difference will be, and how much time difference will be. This kind of software is a larger size than simple auto clicking application

Auto-clicker software is also known as automated software. It helps repeat the same thing.

Now the question is where we get the auto-clerk software and how to use it on my computer.

The answer may be a little bit easier or maybe too much hard

Now you might wonder how it might be, how can one thing be easily and difficult together. Maybe I’m crazy or my memory may be lost.

Wait! Wait, we will talk about it a little later before that let’s see how the software works. After that I will show you where the application can be found.

How to use auto-click software

Go to the Start menu and find the Auto Clicker software first, and you have to get the app from there.


Now let’s see which options what can do


How to record in auto-click software?

Ans: To record, you have to click on a red colour button, then on below you can see a text “Recording”, Seeing it, you can confirm your work is done successfully


How to run auto-click software?

Ans: If you have clicked the play button in the recording software, then everything will be rolled out as soon as it is recorded.

What is the administrative manager mode in auto-click software?

Ans: Administrator mode is usually used on the computer only when we want to give permission for the full access to the computer, ie we will use administrator mode only when we think that all data is not working properly, that the computer is not providing permissions for access to all things. It’s easy to say it straightforwardly We give full permission by using this option.

How do we set up the speed at auto-click software?

Ans: For this reason, you have to go “option” then go to go playback and choose “speed” option, there a new window will open in front of you. Here you can manage your speed.


So long as we know how we will work with the application, we hope you enjoy the features of your application,
So let’s just take a look at how we will download it from the application

How to download Auto Clicker software

Too many problems we have solved in previous paragraph, then download not matter at all

For download down the download link that is given below do not click on it and download it

For download, the download link that is given below,  Just click on it click on it and to download auto clicker software

Auto Clicker Download Button

Now let’s see how to install Auto Clicker Software

As we use the computer, we normally know what to do if we want to install a software, just double downloaded auto clicker software “.exe” file and follow the steps.


There is must be some problem behind the advantages of everything. Then in this auto-click software may have some problems.

Ans: Yes of course

Through the auto-clerk software, advertising companies lose a considerable amount of money, especially Google Adsense and, because some Bad guy hooking up Auto Clicking on other websites or YouTube to auto-clicking.

There are some disadvantages, such as working with Auto Clicker, many times the work should not be as it should be, that means its Accuracy is loss.

However, we can use auto-click software to try it all the way

After considering or advantages and disadvantages of Autocad software I can say that it’s advantages Much more than its advantages. It’s cannot be a bad deal if we want to use it

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