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When listening to the word “mp3”, another feeling awakened that it can not be understood by anyone. There is no person in the present day who does not listen to the song, but yes, some are more and few are comparatively less.
There are different types of music, but we have no work with them, I will tell you one thing here how you can add photo on a song.

Answer some required questions.

Mp3 tag editor is available for what?
Ans: Mp3 tag editor is usually available for all os, android, ios, windows and even online.

Is “Mp3 tag editor” make any change on quality of the song?
Ans: To answer short words, it is to say that the mp3 tag editor does not change the quality of the song, but only the metadata information will change inside it.

What do you need to change the song picture?

  1. Android mobile phone
  2. MP3 tagging application
  3. Your little precious time


Steps to follow:

How to add photo on a song?

  1. Open Play Store and Install “Star Music Tag Editor” or Alternatively you can Click Here.mp3-tag-editor-for-android-Download
  2. Open the application and select the Song that you want to change the photo and other metadata.
  3. Click on “Pick picture” and select the photo from the gallery.
  4. Change another information Song title, artist, album, album name And much more information.
  5. After editing all the things click on save.

Conclusion: There are many software and online techniques available in the market for any mp3 song tagging but everyone has some requirements that is, Some of them want money and someone earns money from advertising.But all the software futures can be done very well for add photo on a song but yes pc software can be edited with a lot of songs together and comes with more other features.

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