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How to send WhatsApp message to someone not in contacts


WhatsApp is the mobile best cross-platform app which is the most downloaded application in messaging app history. According to 2017, almost 1.5 billion active WhatsApp downloads are counted.

WhatsApp is not so popular in general, there are many reasons behind this. The biggest reason for use it, its security.

WhatsApp uses their own encryption technology. That is where the two are speaking else another person can, not able to break them.

2FA works behind the WhatsApp security. The another name of 2FA is two factor authentication

In this technology we can prevent our WhatsApp account from unauthorized access. Two-factor authentication will also help us to prevent our account if our mobile number is stolezn.

How to send WhatsApp message to someone not in contacts?

So friends you know that very well that is if you want to send a message to someone then his/her mobile number must be saved to your contact list. After saving the content you need to refresh your contact information by going to your WhatsApp contacts.

It is a matter of your time expense. It does not guarantee that the person is using that number in WhatsApp, which means both time and effort are loss.

So what’s important is that if we want to quickly send someone a message to WhatsApp, then what should we do?

Maybe it sounds too big to hear, but its solution is too small

Generally, there is a simple way to send a message without saving any contact to your contact list but in this topic inform you the simplest way that you can easily understand and can be used to your required time.*

The first method

How to send message without saving contact

In the 1St method, I will show you the application best tips that mean you need a simple small size APK file from Play Store and install it follow The below steps

1. Go to Play Store and download Click to chat or Click here

Open the application and select the country name from drop-down list. (You have to choose the country where you want to message)

Enter the WhatsApp number and click on open.

Boom now you can see chat window directly in your WhatsApp.

There is also more option in this software Which can be useful for sending message later.

For example, you can create the link for any other person mobile no for WhatsApp that useful for your message on WhatsApp without saving the number. You also can share it, to your friends, they just click on it and send a message to the other person.

For sharing the link you need to follow the steps

At first, select your country and type your target person mobile number

Click on the arrows given below.

Now you can see a share button just click on it and select your preferred sharing option like WhatsApp Facebook message etc.

the second alternate method to

┬áSend a message without adding a contact in this method you don’t need any application or APK

For this method, you need a  WhatsApp official Application program interface (API).

Now you might be thinking that what is API ?

Ans:The API or application programming interface is the medium of communication . One software is kept in contact with another software via a simple code. In sort, the API is used to send data from a software or to receive it from there.

Generally, API is available on all types of sites, even on Facebook, there are many APIs to deal with other sites.

Here you will use WhatsApp API that creates links for WhatsApp Business. It means you can open WhatsApp account from the link only if you have a number.

So the API we use here is a bit like that


These APIs in WhatsApp are divided into two groups, one for the number and another for the message. The number that you want to send in the place of the number, must be accompanied by the country code. It means the country that country code.

Message sending methods

Copy the code given below and change the mobile number and country code in it

After establishing the mobile number and country code in the API, copy it again

open any browser and paste the copied API on the URL section  of the browser

continue(Open) the URL in the browser

Immediately after opening the API URL, WhatsApp will be opened in front of you and the message box also will be opened for message writeing message.

Now just write your message or attach your file and send it

So finally we learned how to send a message on WhatsApp without saving number

But There is lots of benefit to messaging the number without saving, like that there is such littlebit problem also. Those are given below.

By just seeing the number we can’t say that the number currently using WhatsApp or not. That’s why we fell in doubt.

Everyone doesn’t know about API our how to use any application so it may be difficult for them.

If there are any wrong changes in API, then the link will not work, so you have to modify it carefully.

.Anyway, it looks like all the bad and good that it has a lot of good things, so it can be used

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