how to create fake whatsapp account?

Today’s day, WhatsApp is the top social media application in the world according to 2017 almost 200 million Active people users on WhatsApp Messenger.

As it is a cross-platform software so it is available for all platforms such as android, ios and blackberry etc.

If we talk about WhatsApp’s security here, then the first thing to do is a highlight that is Whatsapp’s end-to-end encryption technology. Where all messages, call and media file are encrypted. So that there is no possibility of a Middle Attack.

This is the encryption security of WhatsApp, the next thing to mention here is that the mobile best verification system where your WhatsApp account depends on the mobile number. That means you can only run one account with a mobile number.

How to create fake WhatsApp account

So friends on this topic I will discuss how to create fake WhatsApp account using US number that is starting with +1 or +404 or maybe another Foreign country numbers Without downloading any application for fake WhatsApp number.

Alternatively, we explain about

How can you generate a fake us number for WhatsApp verification?

Generate free number for WhatsApp verification.

Free us number for WhatsApp verification.


You can use this technique to generate fake WhatsApp number on your mobile as well as PC.

The requirement for this topic:

  1. USA virtual number chatting application(+1 & +444 etc.).
  2. WhatsApp application.
  3. Internet connection.

That’s enough for creating WhatsApp account without a mobile number.


  1. Download “textnow” application form Play Store or you can “Click Here“.us number Creating App
  2. Open the application and “Get a free phone number “.
    fake whatsapp account App Signup
  3. Complete your sign up process using fake email id and password.
  4. Check “I am not a robot captcha”.Complete the captcha and submit it.
  5. Here you will ask for the area code. The area code is “782”.
    fake whatsapp Area Code
  6. That’s it, you have created a virtual US number for creating fake WhatsApp account.
    fake whatsapp account

How to verify WhatsApp account with us phone number?

    1. Open your WhatsApp and use “Canada” as a country and type the virtual number that you have Generated on your Google Chrome browser.
      fake whatsapp account Verify
    2. Choose to “Call Me” an option as a verification method because SMS verification not supported this number. (Note: you can’t verify your number by SMS).
    3. Open your Google Chrome browser again. There you can see if you can call will come from WhatsApp, just hear it and put it on WhatsApp verification code area.
      Call verification for fake whatsapp

That’s it you are done, you have created your WhatsApp account without phone number that means USA numbers.

You can use this method multiple time for creating Multiple WhatsApp account with fake WhatsApp number.